How Does Extramarital Affair Affects Spousal Support in Utah

Extramarital Affair  in UtahCheating is never okay, no matter what the reason.

Every year, reports show that adultery affects thousands of marriages and mostly ends in divorce. Some couples try to work it out, but the pain and memory of an extramarital affair can last a lifetime.

It’s no secret that finding out your spouse has cheated and committed adultery cause serious marital problems. Not to mention it can lead to a lengthy-period of anger, disappointment, shame, embarrassment, and self-criticism.

If you’re planning to file for a divorce, bear in mind that it’s not just an emotionally draining experience, but also financially devastating. This is the reason it pays to be familiar with alimony awards. According to family law attorneys St George Utah residents can consult, a spousal support can ease your transition out of the troubled marriage.

The Role of Adultery in Divorce

In a marriage, a husband is required to support his wife. Like it or not, that duty do not end even if the relationship did. If the divorce was due to the man’s fault, he will not get alimony. Courts in Utah take adultery into account when deciding whether and how much spousal support to award. Adultery, however, is not a key factor when dividing a couple’s property.

The Factors Courts Consider

Utah courts can require the spouse earning more monthly income to give enough money to the financially dependent spouse. Ability to pay, length of marriage, children’s educational needs, and standard of living during the marriage are the things a judge will consider when determining alimony payment.

Local courts can decide to modify the award once there’s a change in the spouses’ financial condition after the divorce. The amount and length of spousal support can vary greatly.

A troubled marriage is a delicate matter. To prevent an unfaithful spouse to receive alimony, the major cause of the divorce must be adultery.