How Much Was Amazon’s Share of Online Retail Sales in 2017?

Financial GraphU.S. online retailers need to step up their business strategies by offering more e-commerce financing options like or multi-platform compatibility, or risk to continue playing second fiddle to Amazon.

The retail giant accounted for around 44% of all online sales in 2017 nationwide, according to a One Cli k Retail study. It also showed that the company recorded almost $200 billion of offline and online sales last year, or 4% of all retail transactions.

Dominating Force

Luxury product sales from Amazon grew the most with $400 million of sales, up 47% year over year. Pantry items rose 38% to $500 million, while grocery and furniture sales each amounted to $1.5 billion. The growth partly stemmed from the company’s extensive search platform for mobile, computer and app users.

One Click Retail CEO Spencer Millerberg said that this allowed the company to improve its services to customers while knowing its target markets at the same time. It may not be surprising if Amazon also accounted for a huge proportion of holiday sales in 2017 when Americans spent a record amount for e-commerce sales.

Holiday Transactions

According to Adobe Analytics, online shoppers splurged $108 billion on holiday purchases last year, up 14.7% compared to 2016. It based its data from 80% of all e-commerce transactions from the top 100 online retailers.

This can be attributed to relative ease of shopping by using phones, tablets and other mobile devices to buy items online. For instance, one-third of online holiday sales between November and December originated from mobile users alone. More than 50% of online traffic to websites also came from mobile platforms, according to Adobe.


The concept of improving customer service for online shoppers includes more options on how they can finance their transactions. As e-commerce becomes more common, how do you intend to keep up?