How Physicians Can Earn Extra Income

Medical professionals smilingAt some point in your career as a physician, you may have a hard time making ends meet. This is not surprising because more than 70 percent of medical practitioners have student debts of over $100,000, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. 

If you want to sustain your financial needs and eventually achieve financial freedom, one of the best recourse you can take is to take another job.

Temporary or locum tenens

Medical practitioners are usually only allowed to work for a maximum of 80 hours in a week, including extra jobs. This is to ensure that you get enough rest and will be able to maintain quality service for your patients. 

One side job you can get is a substitute physician position, which would fill in other doctors who are on vacation or leave, or suffering from an illness. Medical staffing firm Interim Physicians notes some of the advantages of working as a locum tenens or temporary doctor specializing in family medicine. These include earning extra income, having a more flexible work schedule, and the opportunity to work in underserved places.

Developing your skills

Having an extra job can also improve your career as a medical professional, as you learn other tasks and develop other skills aside from your day job. To continuously advance your career, it’s important that you improve your communication skills and become more detail oriented in meeting the needs of your patients. Other qualities like strong organizational skills and leadership skills are worth learning if you want to secure higher positions in the medical industry that could also translate to higher income.

Medical practitioners are allowed to have side jobs for them to earn extra income to sustain their financial needs, but they need to comply with working hours and improve their skills to meet the demand of their patients.