How SIP Trunking Helps Your Business

SIP Conceot On KeyboardThe days of analog phone lines are swiftly coming to an end, and are being replaced with SIP trunking. Many businesses have made the switch, and if you haven’t, maybe it’s time you should consider it, too. Here is why you should make the switch and know what’s in store for you.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol), is a way to make and receive calls through an Internet connection rather than through traditional telephone connection. What SIP trunking service providers do is integrate its service with your existing Internet Connection at work, and require no hardware installation.

What’s in it for You?

Businesses tend to pay for phone lines that they rarely use, simply because their plans are tied to a specific person in the office. You pay for these lines whether people use them or not. But this type of expense can be eliminated with SIP trunking.

Because SIP trunking uses channels instead of phone lines, it allows people at work to maintain a contact number while only having to pay for a certain number of channels that can be shared by everyone through the network. So instead of spending for 100 phone lines for 100 employees, you only have to pay for 35 to 40 channels for all 100 employees.

You also save on maintenance costs as SIP trunking uses your Internet connection. Therefore, the same IT guys you have on board can take care of it for you, too.

Lastly, instead of paying for unneeded phone lines, switch to SIP trunking and save on company phone bills. Direct those funds towards savings and you can even use a portion of it to improve your Internet connection at work. With a better Internet connection, you can make clearer calls through VOIP and SIP, and have smoother video conferencing calls, too.

What are the Available Service Plans?

There are two different service plans: the metered pricing and the channelized pricing.

Metered pricing is a per-minute basis, which is ideal for businesses that don’t make or receive a lot of calls.

Channelized pricing is a fixed contract rate, which is ideal for businesses that require unlimited inbound and outbound service for both local and long distance calls. This plan also allows the company to increase or decrease the number of channels anytime.

Switch to SIP and Start Saving

SIP trunking is not just an efficient form of communication service; it is also cost-efficient, has flexible packages, and works with any existing VOIP setup. There is no hardware installation required, and you’ll be happy you made the switch.