How to Pitch to Win

Different scenarios call for different pitching styles. Successful marketing methods demand knowledgeable and steady pitching. This means you need to plan your pitch. Pitches fall into different possible scenarios. Understand them and adjust your plan accordingly.

You have an existing client launching a new promotion in a separate account. The client likes your work so you have an advantage. They also want to see something new, which a different agency could provide. Be proactive. Show them that this would be an easy task for your team, yet it poses an opportunity to be fresh and creative. Show them you like a challenge.

You are the agency of record, with a long-standing relationship with the client. They, however, want some new ideas. Focus on your relationship with them. Give the pitch your best shot, and accept that a new agency may keep your client happy. This will give you more time to improve existing projects. Look at the bigger picture.

Your client wants a new agency to continue what you started. Talk to them about how you can address possible problems or needs. Changing agencies midstream can be costly and time-consuming. If you are the challenger, understand the project and its issues. Convince the client they were right to hire you.

If you are the outsider, do something extraordinary to win the client over. They are in the market to see something new.


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