How to Stay Bed Bug-Free When Traveling

Bed Bugs If you’re going on a vacation or a business trip, beware of bed bugs. These troublesome critters could cause extremely unsightly bite marks and itching. They can also be difficult to eliminate if they make it on your luggage and manage to get inside your home. There’s need to panic, though. The following safety measures will help reduce the risk of your home becoming infested.

Check Your Bed

Once you enter the hotel room, remove the linen and inspect the mattresses, pillows, bedding seams, corners, and the headboard. Look for bed bugs—they’re around the same shape and size of an apple seed. If you spot any signs, tell the hotel personnel immediately.

Inspect the Entire Bedroom

Studies indicate that bed bugs could also be found within 15ft of the bed. An experienced bed bug exterminator in Indiana recommends checking the alarm clock, telephone, picture frames, and lampshades, as well as the sofas, cushions, and even the closet.

Don’t Place your Luggage on the Ground

Keep your luggage off the floor. Place it on top of the dresser, table, chair, or luggage rack. You could also put it inside plastic zip-up bags as an additional safety measure.

Check the Internet Before Booking

Check reviews of the hotel to make sure there are no reports of infestation. Almost all travel websites enable customers to leave reviews.

Make Sure You Have a Plan When You Go Home

Wash your clothes—even the ones you didn’t use—in hot water because bed bugs can’t endure temperatures higher than 122°F. Check and vacuum all your bags and keep them inside your plastic zip-up case (if you have any) until your next trip.

Bed bugs are almost everywhere. The keys to preventing a bed bug infestation are being vigilant, making thorough inspections, and being careful with your things when you get home. If you think your home is infested, call a pest control company for professional bed bug extermination.