Ideal Careers for Hipsters

In this contemporary period, many call creative and witty people “hipsters”. Some also perceive them as lovers of indie culture. Commonly, these people’s careers are in the field of arts or anything that makes use of creativity and artistry. If you’re wondering about the best careers that fit hipsters, check out the following:

Graphic Designer

Hipsters can take advantage of their trendsetting abilities and artistry. They can maximize these talents by applying them in visual arts. Being a graphic designer will allow them to use their expertise in web development and video game design.


A career as a paralegal also fits hipsters because their creativity can contribute to the formation of good arguments. This career, even though it requires intensive research and stressful activities, greatly appeals to a creative individual.


We still talk about being creative. A career in writing will also maximize hipster’s creativity. They can also settle in different kinds of writing from journalism to creative writing.

Software Developer

Being a software developer commonly requires an inclination to technology and creativity. This career will enable hipsters to use their knowledge in technology and creativity in coming up with new concepts for games and other computer applications.

Fashion Designer

One distinct feature that hipsters have is they are stylish. Being a fashion designer will also allow hipsters to apply their inventiveness and resourcefulness in clothes. The good news here is no formal education is needed in pursuing this career.

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