Is Seat Sharing at the Office a Good Idea?

Workstation sharing

Business decisions constantly change and the way employee use their office desks, which is called hot desking, is one example of a growing trend on how companies redefine the concept of a working environment.

Empirical data support the idea of sharing workspaces as a transformative way of enhancing the performance of employees. Some companies like Formline Group that plan to buy office desks and other equipment even put this into consideration when designing work stations.

However, one engineering consultant does not seem convinced about the concept of sharing office space being a productivity booster for workers.

Spot the Difference

Andrew Pettifer remains unimpressed that people can be more efficient at their jobs just because they can move more freely around their work environment. In terms of impact, he said that hot desking only presents a marginal difference compared to the traditional office setting.

Still, some companies are embracing the shift from conventional work spaces to hot desking, including PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Canberra. Since the company implement the arrangement, it allowed spurring a much more collaborative staff, according to PwC Manager Mariam Hafiz.

Meanwhile, more Brisbane offices are becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly that may also prompt companies to mull over using an environmental-friendly design for corporate spaces.

Green Building

Engineering firm Floth’s office building at 69 Robertson Street in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, won a sustainability award in 2016 from the World Green Building Council. The recognition named the property as a concrete example of a sustainable office.

The building became the first in Australia to b ever granted with a 6-star Green Star certification. Some of its unique features include a reduced level of operational carbon emissions by 53 per cent compared to build-code property.

If you’re planning to adopt an eco-friendly design for your office, there are some service providers in Australia that can help you reinvent your work place.