Is Working From Home At Risk?

As the growing use of computing at home allows more and more people to work from home, telecommuting has emerged as a sought-after position. Technology companies are at the forefront of those offering employees the option to work from home, and it seemed to be working for everyone involved. However, Yahoo has surprised the industry with its recent decision to forbid telecommuting, according to Forbes in “Is Yahoo Right To Ban Working From Home?”

working from homeThe positions are called into question because some companies are finding it difficult to keep tabs on worker productivity when many of their workers rarely come in to the office. Employers have been offering the positions because they are popular amongst workers, but they are not always conducive to producing what the company needs. Telecommuters also make it more difficult to schedule meetings between team members.

Despite those challenges, there are a few benefits for the company. Costs are lower because there is less need for office space, and employees’ morale can be higher when they are in their home setting. But some experts feel that the telecommuting positions should only be offered to those who prove themselves worthy of the position; only those who are truly reliable could prevent negative experiences, such as Yahoo’s recent finding that some of their telecommuting employees wasted much of their time online.

YahooYahoo’s decision to ban telecommuting jobs is one way to deal with the issue. Perhaps their issues could have been solved by more stringent hiring practices for telecommuting positions, or by keeping safeguards in place to monitor employees who work from home. Employees in other companies will certainly be pushing for those options, rather than risk losing their coveted positions.

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