Job Description: Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant

a reliable employeeWhen things get out of hand, many modern businesses hire virtual assistants for help. Their services improve operations by increasing productivity and profit. Whether you’re planning to hire VAs from outsourcing companies like 365 Virtual Assistant or freelancers from oDesk, you should give them a good description of what you’re looking for:

Designation of Tasks

Virtual assistants have different expertise, such as managing documents, creating presentations, and providing link building and data entry solutions. Identify the specific tasks you need done to determine the necessary skills the virtual assistant you’ll hire should have. Include a detailed breakdown of what they need to accomplish for the day or week as well.

Provide Examples

Short descriptions might not be enough to describe the tasks you need done. Give your future virtual assistants an idea of what they’ll be doing, to avoid frustration on both ends. For instance, if you want to organize e-mails, show them how you would like to separate contacts and the different types of e-mail you receive. Providing detailed examples is the best way to find a professional virtual assistant.

Tools, Equipment, and Software

Include the equipment, software, and other devices your virtual assistant might need. Disappointment will only be inevitable if you find out that they don’t have the necessary tools to accomplish tasks within a specific deadline. Make sure that they already have these before hiring them. This way, your virtual assistants can start working as soon as possible.

Remarkable Portfolio

A reliable virtual assistance company should provide samples or a portfolio of their previous works. These will help you determine if their skills are up to par. In addition, this will help you discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Many businesses are discovering the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, but the challenge is to find a good one. Use these tips when creating a job description to make the hiring process better.