Know Who and Where to Get Help for Your Hearing Problems

Doctor examining patient's earSigns of hearing loss will be evident with a hearing screening. Further hearing testing may be necessary if the screening procedures reveal the necessity for it. An audiologist from an audiology clinic in Northumberland can help in putting a name to the problems you have been experiencing with the sense of hearing.

Help from audiologists and doctors of audiology

A screening is not as in-depth as an evaluation. The latter requires the knowledge and skills of an audiologist—a professional who has received training in diagnosing and managing hearing loss.

Simplified, they are hearing doctors who have the means to help both children and adult suffering from different forms of hearing problems. They conduct hearing examinations, fit hearing aids, and facilitate rehabilitation programs for speech and hearing. They also diagnose and treat balance disorders. With the results of hearing tests on hand, an audiologist can explain to you the type and severity of the problem you are experiencing. They will explain the possible causes for the hearing loss you have, and recommend a treatment program.

The comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment

When someone is having trouble hearing sounds and comprehending spoken words it may be necessary for them to undergo a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment for a specific diagnosis of hearing damage. The audiologist inspects the internal structures of the ear canal and checks the eardrum with an otoscope, and relates findings with the patient’s medical history. Typically, a tone test and the use of an audiogram follow suit.

Other tests involved are air conduction testing, bone conduction testing, auditory brainstem response (ABR), and speech testing. The audiologist may recommend additional tests such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and blood tests.

Options for treatment

The audiologist will assess the case and formulate treatment goals, which serve as a basis for the treatment program. Possible options include prescription of a hearing aid or another assistive listening device, hearing skills sessions, and speech and language therapy.

Are you experiencing problems with your hearing? Seek the help of an audiologist today.