Live LED Signs and How to Make People Read your Ads

LED SignsA quick way of getting your message across is through the use of ads, placed at areas where a lot of people pass through. An effective tool for doing this is via LED signs, which uses light-emitting diode technology to flash a combination of graphics and text.

Brisbane’s illuminated signs are essentially LEDs, and the messages are fairly easy to change. All you need, enumerates, is a computer, a cable that’s compatible with your sign, and a LED sign software.

Preparing your Message

Make sure that the LED sign is connected to the computer before anything else. If it supports wireless connections, you are in luck; otherwise, you will need a USB or Ethernet cable for that. Once you’re good to go, you should fire up your computer to design or change the logo in software for LEDs. Once done, you should take a look at the screen, and if not satisfied, you can edit the message once more.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Type the message that you want the LED to show. Remember, everything should pass through the software, so you should do all the editing and the adding there. Images, words, and designs should be placed within the LED software provided.

Take care regarding the length of the message, in case it will not fit the provided space in the software. You should check the space before making any messages and images.

Uploading the Message

Once done, save that design to your hard drive. There are usually instructions on how to upload the design in a user’s manual provided by the LED company. Keep this in mind next time you change your mind about those Brisbane illuminated signs that you might be using.