Living the High Life in Dubai with Water Sports

water sportDubai’s affinity with extreme sports is undeniably strong. With their luxurious and sky-scraping infrastructures to go along with the perfect bungee jumping experience, to skydiving with the view of the beautiful middle eastern skyline.

As one who lives and breathes the beauty and luxury of the dazzling city, you only hope to enjoy it to the fullest, most especially sports. A booming appreciation has emerged from it, particularly with water sports. This created an opportunity for UAE nationals to extend their luxury to the sport genre that has made Abu Dhabi a haven for it.

Here are some of the water sports to luxuriously enjoy in Dubai.


The sport has made waves all over the world and is categorised as an extreme sport. The mere factor of being pulled by a high-speed motor boat going at 18 to 24 miles per hour. This is usually done in lakes customised especially for the sport, with ramps and obstacles that enables you to do tricks, jumps and flips.

The luxury factor comes with the location — think gliding on water against the picturesque views of Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Khalifa and experience wakeboarding unlike any other.

Scuba Diving

If the out-of-water scenery that wakeboarding offers convinces you to try it, what more in it? Give yourself the opportunity to swim in the waters that grace the palms and the Persian Gulf.

There are scuba diving spots in the UAE — Oman being one of the prime ones as it houses whale sharks, a variety of corals, turtles and even sting rays.

Water Skiing

Water skiing is a lot like wakeboarding, only with less extreme stunts and instead of a board; you’d be on skis—as per the name of the sport.

There isn’t much extreme to encounter in this sport, as it is best enjoyed in calm waters. Get a hold of learning sessions to give you better knowledge and grasp of the sport to fully enjoy it.

Live it up socially and physically through these exciting water sports that can be enjoyed with Dubai’s most scenic views. Live the high life like never before.