Make ACs Work Better and Last Longer with These Tips

Air ConditionerThanks to Willis Carrier, people now enjoy comfort despite the effects of climate change. His invention, the air conditioner, had been in service for the past 110 years.

Three out of four Australian households have AC units. Though they usually last 8 years based on a study undertaken by Test Research, these machines may stop working if not maintained properly. Here are some tips to help make them last longer and work better:

1. Clean dirty filters

When you see signs of air conditioner malfunction, take a look at the filters. If the unit is losing efficiency, dirty filters may be to blame.

2. Listen carefully

An unusual noise from your cooling system can be an indication that something has gone wrong or there may be an upcoming problem. Look for insulation or any items that may have fallen into the unit.

Loose blades or screws may also be the culprit. In some cases, the motor simply lacks lubrication.

3. Solve water leaks

ACs may leak water when they are not working well or not installed properly. If you remove the unit during the winter, make sure that you reinstall them properly to avoid this problem. There may also be a hole in the drainage.

4. Watch out for technical problems

There are various technical problems that may be behind inefficient or malfunctioning units. Watch out for condenser problems, tripped breakers, short-circuit wiring and failed transformers.

When the temperature is below the temperature you set on the thermostat or the capacitor is not running, it’s time to do some repairs. Apex Airconditioning recommends setting the unit at the right level to help you sleep and feel comfortable. With an AC that is not working properly, you may wake up because it is too warm or you may not fall asleep because it is too cold.

With proper and regular maintenance, you may extend the life of your AC. Most households use the AC for 235 hours per year. Make your unit last longer by taking care of it.