Microsoft Immobilizes Sidebar, Gadgets For Safety Measures

Software company Microsoft issued a security advisory that encourages users to set up an update that will render Sidebar and Gadgets features on Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems inoperative. A potential security openness prompted Microsoft to issue the advisory.

Microsoft has notified users that a hacker could enter their system through an improperly secured Gadget running in Sidebar, and then implement arbitrary code and cause damages on the system. The Sidebar is a section of the desktop landscape that is situated in one side of the screen. Gadgets running in it are the different tools that users can see while doing something in the computer, such as a clock or a stock sticker. When the user of the endangered computer has administrative rights on a certain network, hackers could take control of the system, enabling them to install different software, view and alter data. This could be the worse scenario.

The advice to immobilize Gadgets has come earlier than the security researchers’ schedule to make presentation of its weaknesses. Organizers included this in the annual Black Hat USA 2012 security industry conference, happening on July 21. Researchers Mickey Shkatov and Toby Kohlenberg will detail the risks on their forum “We Have by the Gadgets” on July 26.

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