Mobile Apps: Why They Can Help Your Online Business

Online retail trend shown on a tabletE-commerce companies that have been thinking about mobile application development services should now move forward with their plan, as more people will use smartphones in the near future.

Mobile may be one reason Australians bought more consumer items online. In March, almost 9.5 million people purchased something while on the Internet, according to new research.

Product Categories

The need for mobile app developments will be more necessary among e-commerce firms in the entertainment and leisure segment, which was the most popular for March. Around 4.5 million people purchased an item from this product category.

Fashion items attracted the next largest customer base with more than 2.7 million online shoppers, followed by food and beverages with nearly 2.4 million customers.

Online shopping is still considered a tech-savvy habit, but the study noted that it slowly becomes more mainstream with the increasing number of smartphone users. By 2019, experts project the smartphone penetration rate in Australia to be 89 per cent from 83 per cent in 2016.

Smartphone Growth

The increase in smartphone ownership among Australians would coincide with more time spent on their devices. Analysts expect mobile internet users to spend 130.9 minutes on their phones next year, which means a good opportunity to reinforce brand recall among potential customers.

However, this would not happen if your mobile app is not designed to load perfectly on phones. Most users are likely to uninstall an app once they realise it disrupts their phone use. Likewise, it is important to optimise your website for mobile displays—not everyone will use PCs to shop online.

Online retail in Australia may be growing at a stable pace, but that does not mean competition among retailers has been easy. The entry of Amazon into the country only makes it more difficult, so companies should figure out how to stand out in a crowded market.