More Americans to Travel this Summer

During the height of an economic downturn, reacreational travels may not be a good decision. Recently though, several Americans plan to spend their summer vacation with excursions to make up for last year. Deloitte LLP conducted a survey to gauge the number of Americans traveling this summer. The survey reveals an increase in the number of Americans who will spend the Memorial Day with a weekend excursion.

“As consumers appear to feel more confident about the economy and the job market, we could see a steady uptick year-over-year in leisure travel during the summer months,” stated Adam Weissenberg, Vice-chairman of Deloitte LLP.
Last year, 24 percent of the respondents decided to make most of their Memorial Day weekend. The number reached 31 percent this year, while 54 percent chose to take a trip between June 1 and Labor Day.

Travel expenses, however, remain a big concern, which makes most American travelers conscious on spending too much. Airfares are still costly, prompting 16 percent of the respondents to change their summer destinations or choose a different mode of transportation. Hotel accommodation also becomes a concern as travelers look for one offering services and added facilities like complimentary breakfasts, free wireless internet access, and free parking.

What encouraged Americans to travel this summer vacation is lower fuel price. More than half of the respondents said that gas price is not as a big concern as it was before.

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