More Fortune 500 Firms Offering Better Benefits To Gays And Lesbians

gayCorporate support for gay rights is increasing in the United States six months after the United States Supreme Court thumbed down the federal Defense of Marriage Act.  This was based on a report from the country’s biggest LGBT advocacy organization.  Human Rights Campaign discovered that about two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies as well as 90 percent of all big employers it questioned are offering health insurance as well as spousal benefits to their employees that have same-sex partners.

Some of the Biggest Involved

According to the survey, Wal-Mart Stores, Wendy’s International Inc. and Hormel Foods LLC are just some of the few corporations that are extending benefits for the very first time next year.  The fact that same-sex marriages are still considered illegal in 34 states and with no federal law illegalizing workplace discrimination solely on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, big businesses are stepping in in order to address some of the issues involved.

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