Most E-Commerce Sites Still Slow And Not Responsive, Study Finds

Image by Muhammad Rafizeldi | Wikimedia

Image by Muhammad Rafizeldi | Wikimedia

A recent study conducted by The Search Agency reveals that many of the Top 100 Web Retailers still have slow and unresponsive websites.

 What Does This Mean?

Slow load times, according to many research papers, cause shoppers to leave sites and never return.

 What the Numbers Say

The Search Agency’s Mobile Scorecard shows that the average page load time for the Top 100 retailers was 2.99 seconds, two seconds over Google’s ‘recommended’ page load time. The report also reveals that only 9 of the Top 100 sites used responsive web design.

Delia Perez, SVP account delivery and strategy at The Search Agency, urged online retailers to take necessary actions.

“With Google predicting that mobile traffic will catch up with desktop searches this year, mobile retailers should ensure they’re poised to take advantage of this revenue opportunity,” she said.

 Other Results

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• 59 of the Top 100 offer mobile-only sites

• 32 offer mobile versions of existing desktop sites

• 88 of the Top 100 sites used intent-based shopping options like cards, account sign-in, and social media

• Sites geared to female shoppers were most likely to use responsive design and load quickly