Music and Lyrics: Creating a Music Video from Home

dvdstyler free downloadMusic videos used to be exclusive for the big record labels, with millions in budget to shoot and create the video. Thanks to websites like YouTube and free downloadable audio and video software like DVDStyler, though, you can now make your own professional-looking music video in DVD quality right in the comfort of your own home.

Shooting the Video

Whether you have a professional video camera or just a regular smartphone camera, you can already start shooting the scenes for your music video. Your videos should be something interesting for it to captivate your audience.

Music videos often have words and melodies in them, and the videos are what give life to the music and lyrics. It’s the element that gives action to the words, so shooting should be a mix of artistry and story-telling. You’ll want the audience to understand the meaning of the song through the video. Your song will get an added boost if you accompany it with an equally-impressive video.

Putting it Together

Putting the video together is doable even without a professional studio, as it can be edited using free software. Free video editing software can add effects and transitions to complete the “story” effect and to give it that “movie feel.” If it’s a new composition or song you wrote, it’s good to add lyrics, making sure that it’s in sync with the timing of the song.

After a rough edit, give it a test run and show it to your friends and family to see if your video achieved its goal and conveyed the right message.

Adding the Finishing Touches

The final part of post-production is the time you take in the comments of your friends and family, and see if there are any areas that need improvement. It’s when you tweak all the little effects like the transition speeds, fading in or out of several scenes, or the overall sound and video quality. After adding all the finishing touches, you’ll want to put in a DVD for a hard copy. Download the DVDStyler software for free and you can then customize how your videos will be put in the DVD. You can add a menu screen, do some scaling, use DVD scripting, and even throw in a slideshow of photo thumbnails.

Thanks to some free software and a few gadgets that you probably already have, you no longer need a professional studio or label to create great music videos. Turning old photos or videos and your favorite music into a personal and professional-looking music video is now as easy as a few clicks.

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