New Programs by Sears Increases Consumer Loyalty

Loyalty marketing industry authority COLLOQUY has named Sears Holdings a Master of Enterprise Loyalty. It recognized the great brand recognition for companies Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, Craftsman, Kenmore, and DieHard. However, Sears lacked customer recognition. Now the company uses an intensive big data program to drive customer loyalty. It understands customer identity through credit card data.

The retail company took three years to make a program that captures, analyzes, and reports individual customer activity. The program uses the open-source Hadoop analytics platform. It helped Sears get an eight-digit active member database in 17 months. It identifies member spending and purchase history, for targeted communications and offers. The loyalty program now has more than 80 million members.

The database has functions beyond membership. It equips Sears with fraud detection, supply chain optimization, personal pricing, and promotions. It also tracks marketing campaigns, and locates and prices overstocked inventory for clearance. Sears VIP and Clubs Loyalty Marketing Manager John Perrone said the program steers business results. It helps Sears evaluate the level of customer engagement. Perrone said the trade-off value increases the loyalty.

Hadoop is open source, free, and does practical work. It duplicates data across three nodes. Work redirects to the other nodes if the first one fails. The program writes the data back on the first node when it recovers.


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