Nintendo Puts All Bets on Wii U

Nintendo reported a shortfall that was less than anticipated as its game hardware sales keep on declining. Compared to its losses a year ago that was worth 25.5 billion yen, the gaming giant reported a net loss with a value of 17.23 billion yen or about US$220 million.

Sales of the Wii game consoles were one of the company’s vulnerabilities. The company sold about 710,000 consoles, contrary to the 1.56 million units sold in the same period a year ago. From 1.44 million units in the preceding year, Nintendo sold 540,000 DS handheld consoles.

Despite this, Nintendo affirmed that the company was recovering. It is now confident for the release of new software titles such as “New Super Mario Bros. 2.”

Nintendo hopes that its new Wii U will also help in reclaiming its position in the gaming market. The device, which many anticipated its release in holidays, will feature a touchscreen controller and highly defined graphics. It will be the company’s first novel home console since 2006. Strategy Analytics senior analyst Jia Wu said betting on the Wii U might not be safe due to the changing gaming market. The prevalence of tablets, smartphones and some Android-based gaming machines will attract gamers. He added Nintendo must release a different gaming content for the Wii U and 3Ds that consumers will not find in other gaming devices.

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