Out of the Box: Stand-Out Ideas to Steal for Your Wedding Photos

Wedding PhotosAside from your glorious wedding dress, there is one more thing you should never overlook on your big day: wedding photos. After all, these are things you will treasure long after the wedding bells have stopped ringing.

Everyone is familiar with classic wedding photo ideas, such as that of the couple kissing in front of the altar, an aerial shot of the first dance, and a wacky photo op for the entourage. If you want to spice up some of the traditional wedding shots and make your wedding album stand out, though, you need to think outside the box and go a little crazy for the camera.

Here are some ideas to ensure the creation of more special memories to add to your photo wall or album:

Candid Shots

According to K Joseph Mohat, a photographer from ElatiWeddingPhotography.com, more industry professionals are starting to use less planned wedding shots and more natural shots from the ceremony and reception. Although this technique has always been part of wedding photography, artfully capturing the unique atmosphere and emotions in each event using photojournalism skills can make a big difference. Often times, this results in some wonderful and share-worthy photographs.

Themed Group Shots

Group shots have always been part and parcel of wedding photos, so how can you make them stand out? The short answer: themes!

Try symbolism, like getting different generations of wives and husbands together in one shot. You can also go for a silly theme, such as “the giant bride” by having the groom “hide” under the wedding dress. You can also play with other perspectives to create quirky optical illusions.

Stop Motion Videos

People want something that’s easy to share, as well as something catchy and short enough to attract and keep attention. This is probably why stop motion videos are becoming increasingly popular. They’re relatively easy to create and can capture a wedding beautifully from start to finish without needing to do any actual filming.

Take inspiration from these ideas and work closely with your photographer to get the shots you want — this way, you’ll be sure your wedding day will be truly memorable.