Overhyped Holiday Destinations

Tourist traps are getting more and more common as people try anything to make money. Anything which can bring attention to an area will be spruced up to look magnificent in commercials and brochures, but the actual location leaves plenty to be desired. CNN Travel attempts to help travelers with “World’s 12 Worst Tourist Traps.” The list shows some locations that should be avoided, no matter how clever the advertisements are.

dunns-riverA few tourist traps actually have something to offer, but they are such popular tourist destinations that they lose much of their charm from the sheer mass of people. Dunn’s River Falls, in Jamaica, offers a beautiful scenic view with low waterfalls that visitors can climb. It would seem to be the perfect holiday destination, but it is difficult to admire the area’s natural beauty when it is covered by large crowds of tourists trekking to and over the falls. Likewise, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a well-known structure to many, but is it really worth going there just to be able to look at it in person?

times-square-new-york-citySome holiday destinations have become popular due to their heavy usage in films and other media. Times Square in New York is often shown as an amazing and historic place, especially at times like New Year’s, but the reality is quite different. Constant advertising bombards visitors, who will be disappointed to find that the supposedly great shopping opportunities there are nothing special. Many tourists will learn these lessons the hard way, but a little research into holiday destinations can go a long way.

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