Overlooked Benefits Of Water Fluoridation

Photo of a drop of waterAt first glance, it is easy to dismiss the relevance of community water fluoridation initiatives. However, on a closer look, you can uncover the often-overlooked benefits of having an adequate supply of fluoride in your drinking water.

Fluoride; one of the most underrated minerals in modern times. Experts in charge of the Healthier Colorado – Fluoride Project note that one of the many advantages of fluoride in drinking water is being in excellent health? Naturally, most people defer to eating right, catching enough z’s and exercising as the best way to improve their health.

While they are not wrong, these activities will keep you in great shape. But did you know there are more to drinking water than just keeping hydrated? If the water you take has sufficient levels of fluoride, about 0.7 milligrams in a liter, you are likely to escape tooth decay.

Lower Dental Care Costs

After making the connection between great dental health and fluoride levels back in the 1940s, the government has made efforts to increase these levels. As a result, almost 75 percent of the American population have better dental health. See, fluoride strengthens the protective enamel coating on your teeth, making it strong and healthy.

Every day, this protective is assailed by all manner of acids secreted by the bacteria in the mouth. Weak enamel chips and cracks, resulting in dental caries. When that happens, the inner, delicate layers of your teeth are exposed. Subjecting these layers to the acids in the mouth leads to excruciating pain while increasing the risk of tooth loss. It means that you’ll constantly spend a fortune on dental care to repair the resulting damage.

Lower Health Care Costs

Surprising as it may seem, healthy teeth and gums lower the risk of suffering from a heart disease. Recent studies have uncovered a connection between gum diseases and heart conditions, especially in older women. Periodontitis, a chronic gum infection that starts with a diseased tooth is linked with a spiking risk of heart disease.

Losing a tooth increases the risk of a heart event by as much as 42 percent. By keeping your teeth in great shape, fluoridation saves you the costs of treating such diseases.

Water fluoridation initiatives are an incredible way to keep the population in excellent health and improve the quality of life. The fluoride in drinking water leads to excellent oral health, which safeguards you from a myriad of health complication.