Pack This: Basic Cycling Tour Guide for Beginners

Man with backpack and bicycleAre you finally getting ready for your cycling vacation? If so, it’s essential to prepare and be as comfortable as you possibly can throughout the Mallorca 312. So, here is a packing checklist of things you might need to bring with you as you go on your journey.

1. Flat tyre repair kit

You can’t tell what’s going to happen while you’re on the road. So just to be extra cautious, bring a flat tyre repair kit with you on the road. Doing so will give you a guarantee that you’ll be able to repair any of the common bicycle problems on your own.

2. Appropriate clothing

Prepare for all weather conditions before you go on your journey. You could include a synthetic shirt, windbreaker or a jacket to keep you warm on your tour. Just ensure that you avoid cotton fabrics because it insulates poorly once wet.

3. Saddlebag

Another one that you might want to bring is a saddle bag. It’s a small bag that you can conveniently put the things that you commonly use all throughout the day. With this, you could keep your multi-tool kit, lip balm and sunscreen easily and within your reach.

4. Entertainment

You won’t be riding all throughout your tour. So, it’s essential to bring some form of entertainment with you to somehow help you spend your time off the bike. You could bring a crib board or even an extra book just to give you some form of entertainment.

Going on a cycling tour is great, especially if you’re into outdoor sports. But, it’s also essential to bring all the necessary stuff with you, such as a medicine kit and sunblock. It’s always best to keep your body protected from constant exposure to the harsh environmental factors at all times.