Penguin-Dressed Protestors Crash Coca-Cola’s Big Red Boxes Event

coca colaAfter Channel 9 pulls out Greenpeace’s controversial anti-Coca-Cola ad, it seems the company is again on another backlash campaign.

A civil disobedience group dressed as penguins crashed the multinational beverage corporation’s high-profile ‘Big Red Boxes’ event last May 10.

Industrial sabotage activist group, Out of Order, used Coca-Cola’s ‘Big Prize Surprise’ event at Customs House in Sydney to point out that Coke is anti-recycling, focusing particularly on the chain’s opposition against the ’cash for containers’ scheme in Australia.

Up to this latest sabotaging, the activist group had been conducting several attacks on Coke like placing ‘out of order’ notices on Coca-Cola vending machines around Australia, and sharing the photos on social media networks.

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