Pet Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

Dog and a vetThis time of year, everyone’s thinking about the gifts they’ll get for their loved ones and the gifts they’ll receive in return. What pet owners may forget is that their pets could use a little something this holiday season, too.

Though pets may not feel bad if they don’t get anything under the Christmas tree, you’ll be considered dear to the hearts of the pet’s family if you give them any of the following:


The best thing about you being their veterinarian is that you know the pet’s dietary restrictions already. This means you can give them something they can enjoy–one that that their owners won’t have to throw away because it may cause an upset stomach. You can also give away the treats in custom veterinary promotional products such as paper bags and carriers as a subtle way of marketing during the holidays.

Pet Insurance Ideas

You don’t need to pay for the actual insurance, but giving owners the options to consider for their pets can already go a long way in securing the pet’s health is not compromised. Both client and pet will thank you for taking the time to come up with a shortlist, and you can include the brochures for these options along with the holiday card you send to each client.

Your Time

During the holidays, anything can happen. You may be enjoying your own celebration with the family when you get the call that a pet needs your assistance. The greatest gift you can give is your availability for such an emergency. Keeping your lines open to answer questions and concerns should already be a great help for a pet owner who is worried sick and a pet who is sick.

This holiday season, your presence in a pet’s life is much appreciated. Do your best to be a responsible vet and a trusted friend.