Philippines’ Figure Skater Michael Martinez Advances In Olympics

Filipino figure skater Michael Christian Martinez advanced to the Top 24 of the Sochi Winter Olympics figure skating event.

Martinez wows ‘em

Michael MartinezThe 17-year-old figure skater garnered a score of 64.81, which was his best ever.

He opened his program landing a clean triple axel; he is the first Filipino to ever land the 3 and a half revolution jump in competition.

“I’m very happy and proud,” he said. “I missed just one jump but the rest of the program was good.”

Chances at Olympics

Martinez’s odds were boosted when longtime Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko withdrew unexpectedly with a back injury, narrowing the pool to 29.

If Martinez couldn’t make it, he would perhaps work for his family raising vegetables to sell to Japan.

“We’re hoping he makes it and some companies support him,” his mother, Maria Teresa Martinez, said in a statement. “Otherwise he will just have to stop. We cannot afford it anymore. It’s just so expensive and we can’t do another four years.”