Places to See When in Makati City, Philippines

Eleveted, night view of Makati, the business district of Metro Manila.If you are going to Makati, you know that it is the Philippines’ business and financial hub. But amid the towering buildings and busy streets, you will find places that can give you history, culture, and reflection. There are also several hotels and inns that offer accommodation in Makati Avenue at reasonable rates.

Some websites, like, offer visitors a choice of rooms and destinations in and around Metro Manila. If you are looking for places to visit in Makati, here are three places to find some history, culture, and reflection:

 Ayala Museum

If you want to find out more about Filipino culture, there is no better place to start than Ayala Museum. Located in the Makati Central Business District, this museum contains exhibits tracing back the country’s history through the centuries: from the Spanish rule, the Japanese Occupation, to the American Liberation. Besides historical items, the museum also features many art exhibits from local artists.

Guadalupe Ruins

Unlike most ruins which are usually located outside a city, Guadalupe Ruins is in the heart of Makati City. The Guadalupe Ruins is a church that is estimated to be about 400 years old, with the estimated time of construction being somewhere in 1629. Perhaps the most famous is the Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church, or Guadalupe Church, a Catholic Church constructed in the Baroque architecture. The church stands as a symbol of the country’s Spanish past.

Greenbelt Chapel

Where the Guadalupe Ruins is from past, the Greenbelt Chapel, instead, looks like it is from the future. Its futuristic architectural design gives it futuristic appearance while its yellow stained glass windows give parishioners a reflective atmosphere inside. The chapel is not far from the Greenbelt shopping mall, making it accessible for shoppers to visit the chapel.

If you are Makati city, take some time to visit these three places that will whet your appetite for history, culture, and spiritual recollection.