Putting More Value on Keyword Placement Than Frequency

adwordsMany people think that focusing on keyword frequency can improve their SEO efforts significantly. They treat keywords like seeds that are thrown in the air, in hopes that those will grow wherever they land.If we are going to use that analogy, then those seeds should rather be placed in areas where they’ll get the most sunlight.

Placement Matters More Than Frequency

As any SEO expert in Brisbane,like bambrickmedia.com.au would tell you, keyword positioning within a content page is more important than the number of times they appear within that content. Keyword phrases that appear in the heading, for example,would matter more than ones located in the footer.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

The most competitive keywords are those that have two-word key phrases. Using any keyword tool, choose less competitive keywords that are relevant to the competitive ones. This gives you a better opportunity to reach high ratings.

Take Advantage of the Page Title

Remember to place keywords on the web page title. This lets the search engines to determine right away just what your website is all about. Make the most of this area by constructing a descriptive title that incorporates your keyword.

Mind Your Meta Tags

Include relevant keywords on the meta tag. Just add as few as possible as stuffing keywords will only cause the search engines to ignore the tag completely. Including your keywords in the description meta tag is very important as search engines use this to give further details on the result link.

Stuffing a particular keyword phrase into pages of web content a thousand times won’t do your SEO efforts any good. You should focus more on putting keywords strategically on a quality, sharable, and valuable content. One useful trick is to position the keywords within the content in a way that doesn’t sound awkward.