Quit the Habit: 3 Things You Do Everyday That Damage Your Teeth

Tooth piecesWhen people think about damages to the teeth and gums, it’s usually attributed to poor hygiene. While that is true, doing badly on your dental care routine isn’t just the only thing that’s causing havoc to your oral health. In fact, there are a lot of things people do every day — that seem harmless — but actually put you at risk for teeth and gum problems. You might want to quit on these habits, or at least manage them, to make sure you keep a sweet, bright smile:

Drinking coffee

Americans love coffee, especially the people from the Empire State of the South, Georgia. While your morning caffeine fix brightens up your day, it may be tainting your teeth. Experts say that coffee contains tannins, a substance that causes stained teeth and results in a yellowish color. The enamel, even though the hardest substance in the human body, has tiny pores of where dark drink particles can be trapped in.

Of course, the obvious solution is to quit drinking coffee, but this isn’t the easiest. Try to just limit your intake. Rinse your mouth after drinking as well, so you get rid of those particles.

Mouth breathing

Mouth breathing may seem harmless and in fact, it serves to be useful for when you have clogged nose. But the truth is, this could cause a lot of health problems. Case in point: crooked teeth among children. When breathing through the mouth, the tongue doesn’t rest in its proper place. This restricts the correct forward growth of the jaws, making it narrower.

With a lack of space in the jaws, the teeth become crowded. To treat this, drwilliamsorthodontics.com and other experts noted that you may need to go to a dental clinic. Invisalign is one of the common treatments dentists use to manage crowded teeth.

If you snore, experience dry mouth and has a bad breath, and develop a hoarse voice, it’s likely that you’re breathing through your mouth. Treat your colds and allergies to allow your nose to breathe easily and avoid mouth breathing.

Biting nails

There’s a good chance you do this every day. To a certain extent, it kind of relieves anxiety when you’re stressed out. It could, however, crack or wear down your front teeth. The habit becomes worse if you’re wearing braces, as it could put you at risk for shortening of the tooth roots.

The primary cause of biting nails is stress, so the solution here is to manage anxiety better. Take a leave from work once in a while. Make sure to get plenty of rest and try relaxation techniques, like yoga and meditation.

These everyday habits may seem harmless, but it could cause damage to your teeth. As much as possible, avoid these habits. Otherwise, you’ll suffer an unhappy smile.