Ready to Move: Things You Need in Your First Home

newly bought homeAfter moving into a new house and land package, there are items that every first-time mover has to have. Apart from basic furniture pieces such as a couch and a table, there are things that you need to purchase first to help you function and thrive in your new abode. Here’s a list of home essentials that will help you stay organised.


Instant and microwavable meals can get tiring after a few weeks. You need to vary your meals, and you’ll need some cookware to prepare them. A heavy bottomed fry pan, some pots, as well as spatulas, ladles, knives, cutting boards, and casserole dishes should be enough for the meantime. Special kitchen appliances such as a food processor or a slow cooker are optional; you can buy them later when you’re settled.

Cleaning Supplies

Always be prepared for any stain or spill in your home. Get the basic cleaning supplies such as dish soap, hand soap, cleaning spray, and paper towels and rags. Don’t forget to purchase a broom, mop, bucket, and rubber gloves. A trusty vacuum cleaner is also a good investment, especially if you have carpeted floors.


Buy a decent bed. Get a high-quality mattress, according to what you can afford. This will surely last for years to come and benefit your sleeping pattern and body. A high-quality bed can also somehow take away some of the stress in setting up your new home.

First-Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is necessary when you’re new to a place, as you may not know medical facilities there yet. Get some bandages, a thermometer, anti-bacterial products, packets of aspirin, or antibiotic ointment. You should include your personal items and medications, as well as emergency numbers and other items your health care provider suggests.

Iron and Ironing Board

These items are essential in any household. A lint roller or remover is also helpful especially if you have pets or you wear a lot of black. This will make your outfit look sleek and new.

Moving into a new house and land package can be overwhelming. Keep a checklist to help you start out more organised.