Rejuvenate with a Weekend of Kayaking in Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska

Kayak Day TripPaddling on a kayak in remote waters is an experience of a lifetime. Many people long to spend quiet hours in the wilderness, but find it hard to allot time to unwind. It is really not that difficult to find time to relax and commune with nature. All you need to do is decide that you want to spend a weekend off without your laptop and mobile phone. You also have to decide on the location.

How about a weekend for reflection and rejuvenation in Alaska? The pristine beauty of the state is unequaled. For many Americans, Alaska is just a plane ride away. The trip is definitely worth it, especially if you will explore the landscape through a kayak day trip in Alaska’s famous Kenai Fjords.

Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park

Alaska is blessed with sublime beauty, and there is no better example of the state’s unique charm than the Kenai Fjords located in south-central Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. The wild forest of the Kenai Fjords National Park features around 40 glaciers, the largest of which is Bear Glacier. There are numerous icebergs floating like sentinels along the shores. One of the main natural features of the landscape is the Harding Icefield, which is prominent for its size. The National Park is located in the proximity of a popular port town named Seward.

Paddling the waters of Kenai Fjords

Kayaking trips offered by Alaska-based outfitters range from paddling experiences for beginners to high-octane adventure packages for advanced travelers. Sea kayaking companies offer full day and half-day trips. If you can afford to stay for a longer period, you can book multiple paddling trips. Kayaking is a usual means of getting around. The sleek and maneuverable craft has served the people of the state for hundreds of years. The native people of Alaska mainly use sea kayaks for trips to the coast.

Make sure you have everything you need for your kayaking weekend. It’s a long drive from Seward to the National Park, but the view is nothing short of amazing.