Search Engine Ranking Factors to Focus On

SEOAre you looking to gain ground or overtake the competition in your industry? If so, you need to focus on certain ranking factors to get the results you want. Search engines will update their algorithms regularly, so it is up to you to adapt and implement these changes to maintain your edge or beat your competitors. Experts from a Sarasota SEO company cite the following ranking factors to put your attention on.

Content Retains Its Throne

Regardless of what happens to the algorithm of search engines, content will remain front and center. Google puts a premium on articles, videos, posts, snippets and other types published by websites; your chances of landing a higher ranking increases when you put the quality of your content above all else. Focus on a niche and topic that your audience will respond to and engage in.

Segregate the posts you make depending on where a potential visitor is on the sales funnel. Are they looking to purchase or just want more information? Create different landing pages based on the need of people for your intended audience.

High-Quality Links

Though content is still at the forefront, you still need links that redirect to your pages to boost your ranking. The links you use must come from authoritative websites within your niche. You can also choose from different types to get the results you want, some of which include:

  • Case studies
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Guest posts and comments on expert blogs
  • Niche surveys
  • Podcasts or videos with industry influencers

Including link backs and mentions with the abovementioned content improve your ranking and appeal to search engines.

Site Structure and User Interface

The appearance of the layout and ease of navigation are deal breakers for some website browsers. The latter would stop browsing your pages if they think it is too tedious to do so. Improve user experience by simplifying the design, make the links and buttons easy to identify, and make the transitions from one section to another smooth.

These are only some of the rankings to consider including in your online strategy. Adapting these allow you to reach your business objectives.