SEO Tips for Oil and Gas Businesses

SEO blocks on laptop keyboardLike any other business, companies in the energy industry, such as those offering oil and gas products, also need to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) into their digital marketing efforts. The following are some strategies that will work well in oil and gas businesses’ SEO campaigns:

Utilize Google applications

Google is not only the most popular search engine but also the most trusted one. One reason for this is that Google provides the best user experience by understanding what the user is searching for. Therefore, it only makes sense to create your presence in Google applications. For instance, your company’s website, address, and contact details should be featured on Google Maps and Google Plus.

Build your off-page SEO

One example of an off-page SEO technique is having your company mentioned and your website linked to by relevant people or businesses in the same industry as you are. This strategy helps in building your credibility and authority in the market. You can also try doing guest blogs on relevant sites to reach an even wider audience.

Take advantage of paid ads

Gas and oil companies have the budget to run paid advertising campaigns. Print ads in magazines and technical journals may have more impact, but people spend more time online nowadays. So you have to be where your clients are. Also, compared to traditional advertising, running paid ads on the Web is less costly. By utilizing Google AdWords and Facebook remarketing, your company will be able to connect with your target market.

When planning on your SEO strategy, be sure to focus on building your business’ authority in the energy, oil and gas sectors. This way, your clients will see you above the competition.