Shading: A Way to Increase Indoor Comfort

Blinds that can be used in PerthPerth summers can be quite uncomfortable, so a lot of residents overwork their air conditioning systems. During the summer season, electricity bills tend to spike. Aside from resulting in considerably increased energy consumption, this extended use of air conditioners also shortens the unit’s lifespan.

Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent these things from happening, such as using the right shading materials. As the Australian Government has pointed out, using effective shading materials can reduce heat gains inside the home.

An effective shading strategy involves the selection and placement of the right materials. When using outdoor blinds, consider the orientation of your home, as well as the location of your windows.

Adjustable Outdoor Blinds

Adjustable outdoor blinds provide a convenient way to control the amount of light and heat that permeates your home. Since you can adjust their opening, benefit from their installation both in the summer (when you want to block heat) and in winter (when you want to trap heat).


The increase in the level of comfort outdoor blinds provides depends on the location of the windows you’re going to put them on. Protect east-and west-facing windows.

You should also check the window treatments for energy efficiency rating. Some modern, high quality blinds have energy efficient materials. Get these for your home for improved comfort and reduced energy consumption.

Window Blinds Provider and Installer

Outdoor blinds are available in many home improvement stores in Perth. Outdoor blinds can offer benefits, but there is a drawback if you install them on your own. Incorrect installation, paired with the wrong size, material and placement, will not help improve comfort. Find a supplier that also offers expert installation services.

Prepare for the heat that summer brings. Get the right size and material for window treatments—and use them on the right windows in the house.