Signs You Need to Update Your Wardrobe

t shirtsDespite the brilliant fashion choices we normally make, there are times when we simply get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday, and we forget to keep up with the times when it comes to our wardrobe. Do not let this happen to you. Know the signs that tell you when a wardrobe update becomes necessary.

Your clothes can be hand-me-downs already

If you find yourself grabbing random items on your closet to give to your niece, it is time to get new clothes. There is nothing wrong with giving away your old clothes to the younger generation, but it does not help to hold on to clothes that look too outdated or too small to fit you. Remember: wear clothes that feel and look comfortable on you to appear more charming and confident.

You have seen your clothes on TV

Your wardrobe should not be like a closet trailer from your favourite TV series. It is not that having a piece you saw on Gossip Girl or Mean Girls is wrong, it is just that the TV shows you watch should not define you.

Do not draw all the inspiration from the tube; instead, put your own point of view in consideration and unleash your personal taste. If you are having some trouble deciding on the clothes you should buy, try exploring print and embroidery on T-shirts, dresses, and blazers that fit well with your personality.

You often say you ‘have nothing to wear’

“Ugh, I have nothing to wear for this event” and “I look sloppy on this” are just two of the few phrases you may have uttered a few times in the past. If you are guilty of this, go for a wardrobe overhaul. This is a clear sign of your inappropriate buying pattern.

When at boutiques and stores, make sure that you get only what you would want to wear, not every item that has a marked down price. Dress for the right season as well, so you do not have to face the problem of going out on an inappropriate outfit.

Sometimes, the way you react when you open your cabinet can already tell you about your wardrobe. When you feel dissatisfied or unhappy about your clothing options, do not think twice about going for an overhaul. A wardrobe update might just be the only thing you need for you to be chic and stylish again.