Smart Shopping Guide When Buying Conference Room Tables

Conference Table in Utahs play an important role in business offices, as they provide teams the necessary space for meetings and trainings. Whether you’re buying a conference table for your new office or simply want to upgrade an old one, it pays to keep in mind a few smart shopping measures and find the right dealer. Here are a few tips on buying a conference table.

Know the Number of Users

Know the number of people who would be using the table. Allot at least 30 inches of table space to each user in the conference room and 36 inches in board rooms. To know the ideal size of your table, multiply the estimated number of users to the necessary table space.

While you can have the table customized based on your size requirements, Quality Used Office Furniture and improvement experts say that you can also find many different table sizes in used and liquidated office furniture dealers.

Consider Your Conference Room Size

The size of your conference room is one of the most important things to consider. Keep in mind the clearance space, which pertains to the area between the side of your table and the nearest obstruction, such as the wall or office window. Buy a table that would let users move comfortably. Allow at least 42 inches of clearance space. This should be enough space for the users to roll their chairs back without bumping into the nearest object and walk around the table while seats are occupied.

Learn About the Ideal Shape

Lastly, choose the ideal shape for your conference table. Keep in mind the size of the furniture and number of users. Round tables, for instance, are ideal for smaller groups and intimate meetings. Long rectangular and oval tables make a good choice for meetings and seminars with big teams.

Keep these things in mind when shopping for a conference table. Whether you are looking for a brand new one or a used unit to save on cost, it pays to be smart in choosing the best furniture.