Stand Your Ground: Drinking the Night Away Without Getting Drunk

Tips on Not Getting DrunkYou know that happy hour is over when you’re the center of attention in the room and you’re not enjoying every second of it. Getting drunk is arguably the worst feeling you can experience when you drink. Too much alcohol forces your body to feel and act weird, something you’ll regret in the morning.

Parties should be fun. The walls of numerous function rooms from party venues such as are witnesses to the collective laughter and dancing. While you may be drinking a lot of alcohol to get into the fun side of parties, it can also be the one thing that can get you out of it.

Develop High Alcohol Tolerance

If there’s something you badly need for all-nighters, then it is alcohol tolerance. This is something you can’t learn, but something that can develop in you. Although most people won’t urge drinking too often, it works for your body to adapt to alcohol. The more experience you have in drinking, the more you can take its ill-effects and shrug them off. You stay sober longer than you could before.

Know and Pick Your Poison

You wouldn’t eat food that you don’t like, would you? The same should be true about the drinks you consume. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s best not to drink too much of it. Stay on your stronger side. The saying “What you don’t know can’t kill you” isn’t applicable to alcoholic drinks. You should always know which type of drink is in your glass or the next thing you’ll see is your vision going in circles.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Likewise, don’t be a jack of all trades. In a particular event, stick to one kind of alcohol only. Don’t mix everything up and expect to survive the night on your feet. Also, don’t drink on an empty stomach.

To avoid embarrassing yourself, you should know how you can survive the night. Many would say that to avoid getting drunk, you simply avoid drinking. This is the easiest way, yet it’s boring. If you can’t help but drink a lot, or if you don’t know your limits, there are simpler ways to make it through.