Suit Up! What Does Your Suit Say About You

Taking from Barney Stinson of the popular CBS TV series How I Met Your Mother:

Barney: I’m going to teach you how to live. Lesson one, lose the goatee, it doesn’t go with your suit.

Ted: I’m not wearing a suit.

Barney: Lesson two, get a suit. Suits are cool, exhibit A.

As you probably know by now, suits are the male version of female power dressing. It’s the guys’ way of dressing up to the nines and if they want to make a good impression, be perceived as genuine and be taken seriously. It’s the literal version of dressing for success.

Suits are Cool and Makes You Cool

Wearing a suit commands and projects respect in any setting or situation. It sends a subtle message that you are competent and professional. That’s why it’s the preferred attire of many business professionals. You never see lawyers, bankers, and other professionals in jeans and shirts when going to work because their job calls for professionalism, and that includes the clothes on their back.

Of course, when buying your suits online, you may hear some negative things. Noose-like neck ties and a tightly buttoned neck and sleeves are not always practical or comfortable to wear or even to look at, but they do give you a certain air of credibility. Even people who scoff at the thought of traditional business attire know that you’ll be taken more seriously if you wear a suit and tie to work.

A Tie to Tie Things Together

Suits and ties go together because both serve as symbols of authority. Buying men’s suits online wouldn’t be complete without getting a tie. A tie signifies power and status. Going tieless is usually seen as the habit of someone who is vain or insincere, or one who values presentation over substance.

Although sometimes seen as stuffy, nothing speaks of authority like a suit and tie combo. Women have their accessories to glam themselves up, while men have their ties as the single acceptable piece of male clothing that allows for flamboyance. Indeed, wearing a suit without a tie just seems wrong. Even the younger generation knows the elegant image that the right tie can give.

There is a serious art to dressing well and looking good, and for men, suits are the best choice. “Suits are full of joy. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile,” said Barney Stinson. Once thought of as stuffy, the suit is now a symbol of style and sophistication. Wearing it sends the message that you’re intelligent, in control, and confident.


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