Survey for Durable and Popular Electronic Gadgets

Life can be short, even for inanimate objects. Survey conducted by Consumer Reports show different answers when it comes to gadgets’ lifespan. According to the survey, laptops show the highest repair rate with 36 percent—these are almost on par with riding lawn mowers and refrigerators. Desktop computers, LCD televisions, and plasma televisions are also included in the survey.

Director of survey research Mark Kotkin says that TVs and cameras are more reliable compared to computers. He added that digital cameras can last up to eight years, making them the most durable gadget in the survey.

The survey showed that Gateway’s desktops are less durable compared to Apple’s. Toshiba and Acer laptops were also labeled as reliable gadgets. Panasonic, Sanyo, and Syvania also manufactured more reliable LCD TVs compared to Westinghouse, Polaroid, and Mitsubishi.
Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget office of says that Apple products were also considered as one of the durable products. Old iPhones sold through Gazelle were less likely broken as people chose to sell their old gadgets before they get an upgraded model. Scarsella also said that he rarely sees dead and broken gadgets as consumers become more careful with handling. Cases and screen-protectors have become popular. According to him, economical items with low quality case are those that may easily break.


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