Teachers’ Union Set Up Online Lesson Plans

The American Federation of Teachers is partnering with TSL Education, the British publisher of the weekly Time Education Supplement, to make a website where teachers can share lesson plans with one another. They will name the website sharemylesson.com

“We are taking the trust that people have about us and transforming it to trust about the site itself,” said Randi Weingarten, the union president.

Teachers can upload anything from a simple work sheet to an entire semester unit. They may also provide PowerPoint presentations and videos. Other teachers will evaluate the resources, and the site’s algorithm will rank the most popular and well-reviewed lessons.

In time, when public school teachers face cuts in financing and being asked to provide new national curriculum standards in English or Mathematics, Ms. Weingarten said teachers were desperate for specific lesson plans that had been tested by others in the school.

“It is very easy for someone on high to say, ‘These are the standards that you will be teaching to,’ ” she said. “But where are the resources, the tools to actually make these things sing in their classroom?”

Sharemylesson.com is designed on tesconnect.com, a website created by TSL in Britain. TSL, which regulates its revenues by selling teacher and school recruitment ads in its Times Educational Supplement and Times Higher Education magazines, started the website four years ago and since amassed two million registered users in different countries.

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