Teaching Old Trucks New Tricks

truck detailingIt is easy to replace old trucks today. With new models coming into the market almost every other month, truck drivers are spoilt with choices. You might want to hold on to your used truck a bit longer, though; yours can have much more value left than you would have imagined.

With a few truck detailing enhancements and engine improvements, you can breathe new life to your good old vehicle and stretch its service life. Here are some of the ways you can reuse your old truck:

Gourmet Truck

Food trucks are becoming more common recently. As the food comes with relatively lower prices, people do not mind lining up for their turn to order grub. Plus, most of the tastiest and sumptuous treats can be found only in roving gourmet trucks.

You can make the most of this trend by converting your utility vehicle into a food truck. Just make sure to comply with the food, health, and sanitation standards. If you do not have an idea of what to serve, you can draw inspiration from current food trends. Combining popular eats like croissant and doughnuts, which catapulted the food crossovers to new heights, can be a good start.


Make your old truck worthy for autoshows, and you will surely enjoy every minute of it. The secret behind making your ride the most popular one in auto shows is featuring something new. In addition, remember that you will most likely not going to use your truck that much anymore except for autoshows, so choose carefully what to add to your truck.

Back to Life

Ultimately, nothing beats seeing your old ride come back into life and using it for the road. Trucks usually have a long service life. Yours might only need a few enhancements here and there to have it roaring again. From engine performance to exterior detailing, it does not take a lot to make your truck look and feel like new again. Fortunately, you easily find experts in truck detailing Salt Lake City drivers rely on. You can consult them on making the most of your refurbished vehicle.

Do not sell your old trucks yet; with quality truck enhancements, you can reuse your vehicle and make the most of its service life.