Teeth Whitening: Aim for Natural Results

Man undergoing teeth whiteningIf you have a noticeably yellow smile, a professional teeth whitening procedure can do wonders for its appearance. Your goal, however, should be focused on having a bright smile that still looks natural. After all, excessively white teeth can look fake and unnatural.

Cosmetic dentistry centers in Highland Park note that a change of two to three shades is usually enough to transform your smile. It is also important to remember that the degree of how your smile can be whitened will depend on different factors such as the natural color of your teeth, the bleaching method, and how well your teeth respond to it.

Choosing professional whitening

In-office teeth whitening that uses a special light or professional grade whitening gel produces immediate and dramatic results. It is more expensive than other methods or products, but it is one of the best and easiest ways to transform your smile.

A more affordable alternative is a dentist-supervised in-home bleaching. This requires wearing a custom-made mouthpiece with a whitening agent at certain times of the day (mostly for two hours daily). This method is effective, but you will have to wait for a week or two to see the results.

Less expensive and less effective

Teeth whitening products are also available in retail and drug stores, and are more affordable than dentist-supervised procedures. The thing is they contain lower concentrations of bleaching agent, which therefore produce less desirable results. Whitening toothpaste, for instance, cannot change the color or your teeth, as they are more effective in removing surface stains.

Results and longevity

Professional whitening can last for several years if you maintain good oral hygiene and don’t regularly consume sugary and acidic foods and beverages. The longevity of results will also depend on your daily habits and lifestyle. If you cannot give up smoking or teeth-staining foods and beverages, you will need more touch-up treatments.

Whitening has become more doable and achievable with thousands of resources online. It is still important, however, to consult a dentist before trying any product or method. It is also recommended having your teeth cleaned and examined first to know what method will work best for your situation.