Teeth Whitening Treatments: What to Avoid

Woman smiling with her white teethWhen it comes to teeth whitening, do-it-yourself or over-the-counter products seem tempting as they promise to brighten your teeth without needing the assistance of a dentist. Toothpaste, rinses, strips and DIY trays are the common options that claim to whiten stained or discolored pearly whites.

While it is true some products can offer minor improvement, they will not give you dramatic results. It is important to note that safe and effective whitening of a noticeably discolored smile may not be achievable without professional supervision.

You are also likely to damage your teeth if you do not use certain products as directed.

Leaving Whitening Strips Longer

If you prefer to use whitening strips, you may be tempted to leave the product longer than recommended. Cosmetic dentists here in Napa note that is not advisable, as this may lead to splotching on teeth and heightened sensitivity.

It is fine to use strips, but be sure to follow the time limit and instructions, and do not use them more than twice a year.

Solely Depending on Toothpaste or Rinses

Many whitening kinds of toothpaste claim to brighten teeth, but note that they are more effective in removing and preventing further surface stains. If you solely rely on this product to change the color of your smile, you may not have the results you are looking for.

Whitening rinses, on the other hand, can be harsh on certain parts of the mouth because of their high alcohol content.

Different Products All at the Same Time

With a desire to have a gleaming smile in a shorter period, some people take their efforts to the extreme. They use several teeth whitening products all once or switch to other brands if the previous one failed them.

While your intentions may seem good, using different products all at the same time can damage your gums, and make your teeth sensitive and more susceptible to stains.

If you are considering brightening your smile, the best thing you can do is to consult a dentist. This is to make sure that your teeth do not have any problem before you decide on whitening procedures, by either a dentist or a DIY approach.