Tests that Ensure Your Garage Door System Works

Garage Door SystemHomeowners typically tend to overlook the significance of their garage doors. To safeguard yourself and your family, make sure the automatic garage door opening system functions properly. It’s convenient for you if your garage door opens and closes correctly.

The agents from NWSM Building Group say that manufacturers engineer all doors to provide excellent quality and value. But in case the system stops working properly, contact the professionals immediately. While waiting, there are basic tests you can perform to check how bad the damage is.

Visual Test

Inspect every component of the system, from the spring and cable, to the bolt, pulley and roller. Check it thoroughly to determine if something is missing or damaged. Tattered cables and a loose mounting are just some of the conditions you need to look for; do this while the doors are both open and closed.

Balance Test

Looks can sometimes be deceiving. Even if the door appears fine, testing its balance is vital. Do this by turning off the automatic system and opening the door manually. It should provide minimal resistance and remains open quite easily. If you can’t open it with ease, it may be unbalanced and needs repair.

Photo Eye Test

A photo eye mechanism enables the door to avoid obstructions along its path whenever it opens or closes. This moves the door on the opposite direction if it detects an object. Check it by opening the door and placing a thing in its path. If it doesn’t move the other way, the photo eye doesn’t work.

Reverse Mechanism Test

This works much like the photo eye mechanism. The reverse mechanism also detects objects in the path of the door. Likewise, it moves in the opposite direction if it senses something is along the area where the door closes in. If this also fails to detect the object, dust it off or see if it’s really faulty.

Letting a professional test your garage door system is the most practical solution. But this doesn’t impede you from doing things on your own while they’re on the way, or before you decide to call them. After all, these tests are all basic.