The Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One

Many seniors relaxing in a park of a nursing homeSome call it a boarding home for the elderly while others call it congregate housing for the retired. Simply put, these senior care facilities house elder people should they decide not to stay at home but don’t need intensive care that requires constant monitoring such as in the case of people in a nursing home.

There are many assisted living communities here in Farmington, Utah such as Legacy House of Park Lane where your loved one can stay.

But before you send them in one of these facilities, here are some of the things you should know first.

Different Facilities

An assisted living facility is the perfect housing option for an elderly who don’t need constant medical attention. While there are lots of standalone assisted living facilities, some senior care facilities collectively offer both assisted living and nursing homes.

In this way, your loved one can easily get immediate medical attention and transfer to another section of the facility should the needs arise.


The main reason why many elderly chose to stay inside an assisted living facility is simple — freedom, retaining their dignity, and self-respect. It’s the same as living normally in the outside world but with extra security and a little assistance.

In fact, some facilities allow them to keep a pet; some can bring their personal belongings while others allow visitors to stay overnight.


Did you know that could get your loved one their own apartment complete with living room and kitchen inside an assisted living facility? Other types include private or semi-private, furnished or unfurnished bedroom, studio type, one-bedroom, shared apartment, or dormitory-style.


Assisted living facilities offer basic services that include three meals a day, wellness programs, recreational centers, and 24-hour security. Most of these facilities also provide housekeeping and laundry services while others have health centers that can assist in reminding and administering medications.

Elders are entitled to live convenient life; they’ve earned it. So make sure that the assisted living facility you’ll choose has all the amenities and services your loved one need.