The Best Places for Musicians in Australia

fortitude valleyAustralia never failed to produce world-class talents in the field of music. From rock bands to balladeers, pop stars to opera singers, the Land Down Under has it all. The global success of Air Supply, Olivia Newton-John, the Bee Gees, AC/DC, Kylie Minogue, all the way down to Keith Urban and Gotye among others are not an accident—the environment helped improve their musicality and make them ripe as performers.

If you’re an aspiring musician in Australia, regardless of the genre, lesson number one is to live in a city that’d give you let you grow and prove your mettle to open a door of opportunities in the industry inside and outside the country.

M&A Apartments says pack your bags and move to any these places to pursue your music career:


Home to the very symbol of Australia, the Sydney Opera House, The Harbour City is a fertile ground not just for operatic artists but to all kinds of musicians. As a matter of fact, a recent research revealed that the live music scene in Sydney is thriving. While the number of performances of a particular band has decreased, the number bands performing in the New South Wales capital is high. This means the gate to penetrate the industry is wide open, but you have to make the most of your shot to perform.


With its cool musical street names and dozens of vinyl record stores, the Victorian capital is a proud music city. Like Sydney, the Europe of Australia sees the same trends in the live music scene. The number of live music venues has mushroomed in the inner-city, giving you a ticket to practice your passion and make it a relatively rewarding profession.

Fortitude Valley

If you prefer less fierce competition, make this Brisbane suburb your new home. The Valley took the distinct recognition as the Queensland’s entertainment district due to the music scene’s flourishing that began in the ‘90s. Because the housing demand in the area is higher than the state average, finding an affordable accommodation in Fortitude Valley is a huge relief — especially if you’re just starting out.

The birthplace of your music career can’t just happen anywhere in Australia. If you really want to make it big in the industry, perform in the right city.