The City-State’s Gates are Open: Setting Up a Company in Singapore

commercial propertyOpening an office abroad is one of the milestones of a business. But to meet your goals, you’ll have to plan the expansion thoroughly. A top priority should be meeting with a real estate company from your preferred locations to help make the process of finding an office or commercial space smooth.

It Starts with the Location

A bustling metropolis or a city with strategic transport routes makes a good choice for a business that is eyeing an expansion. Asia is a feasible location, given its active economic growth and competitive start-up rates. One country to consider is Singapore, one of the most prosperous business communities in the Pacific.

A Singaporean commercial property is one of the most sought after in the region. With its strategic location, many Fortune 500 companies, such as Google and big-money banking firms Barclays Capital and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, made the city-state their home base in Asia.

Why Businesses Flock to Singapore

Singapore has a highly developed economy comparable to other major cities in the business world. In late 2013, it reported a healthy GDP close to that of the United States, United Kingdom, and Scandinavian states. Other than that, this city-state has a stable financial system due to its high-earning venture capital and investment companies.

The Singaporean government also provides assistance through financing grants to boost entrepreneurship. It is relatively easy to incorporate a company here, as you can complete the setup within days instead of weeks. It also has low tax rates, which is beneficial for maximizing income and investments.

Preparing for a Possible Move

Singapore is the gateway to various Asian markets and other business opportunities. Hire the services of real estate professionals to help you find the right commercial properties in the city. A reliable agency will definitely aid you in planning your expansion in the Pacific.

Study the logistics of establishing a branch in different locations. Compare the prices for rent, taxes, and other real estate fees for a year or so. These details will be useful when analysing which of your options will be the right choice.